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How to Apply?

    1. Apply online or visit the Admissions Office
    2. Pay application and test fee
    3. Accomplish and submit application form and recommendation forms
    a. Principal
    b. Guidance Counselor or Class Adviser
    4. Take ACAT-R exam
    5. Interview when necessary
    6. Acceptance or Denial
    7. Appeal for Reconsideration if preferred
    8. Pay Reservation Fee
    9. Submit all documents required for enrolment
    10. Enroll

Application Requirements

Application Form
All applicants must complete the formal application which may be obtained from the College Admissions Office or from the website. On-line application and downloadable forms are available. An application consists of: a completed application form, a non-refundable application fee, and principal and counselor/class adviser recommendations.
All information in the application form must be certified true and correct by both the applicant and a parent or guardian. The Admissions Office has the right to verify information stated and any form of misrepresentation or omission of facts aimed to mislead shall be grounds for cancellation of application.

Recommendations for Admissions
Two recommendations are required to show the applicant’s Performance and add support to her application. Both forms must be received by the Admissions Office in sealed Assumption envelopes with the respective signatures over the envelope flaps. To qualify, applicant must be recommended without reservation by both principal and counselor/adviser.

The principal’s recommendation form must show:

    a. Grade 11 and 12 numeric grades and the corresponding GPA
    b. Disciplinary record if applicable
    c. Recommendation
    d. Name and Signature

A minimum GPA of 85% taken from the 1st to 4th year must be obtained to qualify for admission. An applicant who does not meet the minimum GPA for the two-years in Senior High School but meets the minimum scores required from the college admission tests and is recommended without reservation by both Principal and Counselor must be interviewed by the Admissions Head or the respective Department Chairperson in order to be reconsidered. All applicants reconsidered for admissions with a GPA below 85% shall automatically be put on a one-year academic probation status.

A record of disciplinary behavior from the principal’s office is given considerable attention and depending on the nature of offense, can result into a Rejection of the applicant.
The counselor/class adviser’s recommendation form must show:

    a. Strengths and/or weaknesses in character and behavior of applicant
    b. Recommendation
    c. Name and signature

The admissions Office may call the Counselor of the applicant if there is any information which needs clarification.
The applicant may be called for interview by the Head of Admissions if there is any information from either recommendation form that must be probed into or discussed further.
Gross misconduct or disciplinary behavior may result in a rejection of application even if test scores and High School grades are within the minimum requirements.

Test Scores
All applicants must take the following paper-pencil tests to evaluate the potential for successful academic work. Both tests are administered and scored by the college psychometrician.

    a. Assumption College Admission Test - Revised (ACAT-R)
    Results in both tests must fall within the average rating. An applicant with a total stanine 3 but has a GPA of at least 85% ad is recommended without reservation is automatically accepted. An applicant with a total stanine 3 and above but a GPA below the minimum is scheduled for an interview with the Head of Admissions or the respective Department Chair. An applicant with a total raw score of 44 and below a Stanine ranging from 1-2 but has the minimum GPA is scheduled for an interview as well. If interview results are favorable, applicant is placed on an academic probation status for 1 year.

    Applicants with total stanine scores of 1-2 or Raw Score of 44 and below is put on the Waitlist program and is scheduled for an interview. If applicant meets the minimum GPA and the interview results are favorable, applicant is accepted on a probationary status. If the applicant has a total stanine score of 1 or 2 and does not meet the minimum GPA but has a favorable interview, applicant is placed on the MX program with deloaded units.

    Applicants with stanine 1-2 test scores in English or Math or both or whose English or Math GPA in High School fall below the minimum are required to take the English and/or Math Bridge classes to provide skills needed to succeed in the college. Applicants with stanine 1-2 test scores in English or Math or both and whose English or Math GPA in High School fall below the minimum are required to take additional Remedial classes in English or Math or both.

Other Application Requirements

    • Attendance to the College is a privilege which may be forfeited by anyone whose conduct is inconsistent with the policies and regulations of the school.

    • Attendance to the Parent Partnership Program is a pre-requisite for enrollment to the College. This provides orientation for parents of new students to learn more about the College and how it seeks to partner with them in the
    education of their daughters.

    • When accepted, applicant must submit chest X-ray (11”x14”), CBC, and blood type (done by applicant's physician or laboratory of choice). A physical exam conducted only by the Assumption College physician is also required prior to enrollment.

    • True copy of grades (Form 138)

    • Photocopy of High School Diploma

    • Honorable dismissal and transfer credentials for transferees

    • After enrollment, all freshmen students must prepare to undergo an orientation and guidance testing session.

    • Assumption College is a Catholic institution. All students, regardless of creed or religion, must prepare to take the required Theology coursers to graduate and receive the Assumption College diploma.

Admissions Requirements

The following documents shall be secured by the admissions office prior to enrollment. These documents shall be endorsed to the records office with an accompanying signed receipt at an appointed time:

For regular 1st year students

    • Original PSA Birth Certificate
    • Original Grade 12 report card

For Transferees

    • Honorable dismissal and transfer credentials for transferees
    • Complete records of collegiate grades certified by the school Registrar
    • Course description of subjects taken and the grading system in previous School

For Dual Citizens

    • Copy of Bureau of Immigration and Deportation registration/Issuance of Identification Certificate

For Foreign Students

    • Original Copy of Transcript of Records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service establishment located in the student’s country of origin or legal residence

    • Copy of student permit/visa and I-card

    • Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or its equivalent authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post in applicant’s country of origin or legal residence

    • Copy of original passport bio-page, latest admission and authorized stay

    • For Permanent Residents: a verified Certificate of Registration from the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation

For Married Students
• Original copy of PSA Marriage Certificate

    If the applicant fails to submit any of the above requirements at the time of enrollment
    1. The applicant shall write the Admissions Head

    2. The applicant shall sign an undertaking which guarantees the submission of the missing document at a prescribed date. (Failure to abide by such undertaking shall result into student’s voluntary withdrawal from the college).

    3. The Admissions Head confers with the Registrar regarding appeal. If approved, the Admissions Head and Registrar must sign appeal letter.

    4. The missing document/s shall be followed up by the Records office and must be received before midterm examination.


    • Applicants from other Colleges and Universities must have an equivalent GPA no lower than 2.5.

    • Transferees who had been dismissed from the College or have records of academic failure, deficiency and disciplinary violations shall not qualify for acceptance to the college.

    • Appeals for reconsideration must be referred to the College Dean or the Admissions Committee which evaluates the merits of the case to reject or endorse the same to the Chairperson of course choice.

    • Students who previously attended Assumption College but left to study in other college/university and are considering re-entry shall be categorized as transferees and shall undergo the same process applicable to transferees. They must apply through the Admissions Office for re-admission.

    • Assumption College will only credit a maximum of 30 academic units provided these are required in the approved curricula of the course applied for and only for those subjects where the applicant received a grade of 80% or higher.

    • Granting of credits taken from previous schools will be determined by the Registrar in consultation with the department chairperson.

    • The honorable dismissal document from last school attended will be required only if the applicant is accepted and enrolls in the College.

    • All transferees are accepted on probation upon admission.

    • Transferees who had enrolled in two or more Colleges/Universities prior to Assumption College will automatically be disqualified from admission. (Except for special cases e.g.: family movement due to work assignment of parents).

Second Undergraduate Degree Students

    • Assumption College graduates who wish to take a second undergraduate degree course will follow the curriculum prescribed for the course. General Education subjects required which was already successfully taken in the first degree shall be credited.

    • College graduates from other schools who wish to earn a second undergraduate degree should submit the ff. to the Admissions Office.

    • Letter addressed to the Admissions Committee

    • Transcript of records (GPA of at least 85%)

    • Discipline record from previous counselor, adviser or dean

    • They will follow procedures for transferees

    • The application is forwarded to the Chairperson of course choice.

Re-entry Students

    • The re-entry form must be obtained from the Admissions Office. The student must be cleared by the following:
    a. College Dean / Associate Dean
    b. Admissions Head
    c. Dean of Student Affairs
    d. Chairperson
    e. Guidance Office
    f. Treasurer’s Office
    g. Clinic
    • Re-entry of students who have left the College from 3-5 years shall be determined by the Department Dean of course in consultation with the Chairperson and the Registrar. Re-entry students who have left the College for a period of 3 years and above shall complete a new application form.
    • All re-entry students approved for admission shall be automatically placed on a probationary status.

Non-Catholic Students

    • Non-Catholic students may apply for admission into Assumption College. If qualified and accepted, she is required to attend Theology classes and retreats. Accepted non-Catholics are prohibited from proselytizing.

Married/Unmarried Students

    • Married women and single mothers may apply for admission into Assumption College. They follow application procedures applicable to their student status e.g. re-entry; Transferee; Second Degree.

Foreign Students

    • A non-permanent resident of the Philippines seeking admission to the College must follow the same application procedures for First Year College enrollees.
    • An applicant aged 18 years and above must show her original I-Card and student visa 9/f study permit from the Bureau of Immigration and submit photocopies of I-Card and student visa 9/f study permit
    • Those below 18 years must get a Special Study Permit (SSP) from the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.
    • A Foreign student applicant must show her original passport and submit photocopies of passport bio-page, latest admission and authorized stay;
    • In addition, foreign students must submit:
    a. Transcript of records / scholastic records duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service post located in the applicant’s country of origin or legal residence
    b. Copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or its equivalent authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post in applicant’s country of origin or legal residence
    c. For permanent residents: a verified Certificate of Registration from the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation.

Dual Citizens

    • Dual citizens are governed by rules of Philippine citizenship
    • Dual citizens must be duly registered by the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation and have been issued an Identification Certificate (IC).

Audit Students

    • A student who enrolls in the College for audit takes subjects without credit/ grade.
    • Decision for acceptance will have to be approved by the Admissions Office in consultation with the Associate Dean of course choice.

Application School Year 2020-2021

October 2019
October 5
October 12
October 19
October 26
Time: 8:00 am

November 2019
November 16
November 23
Time: 8:00 am

Download Forms

These are the available forms for download.

For Incoming Freshman:

  • Application Form
  • Guidance Counselor's Recommendation Form
  • Principal's Recommendation Form
  • AC Student Privacy Notice and Consent Form
  • For Transferees

  • Application Form
  • Guidance Counselor's Recommendation Form
  • Dean's Recommendation Form
  • AC Student Privacy Notice and Consent Form
  • PDF Applications for printing and submission to
    College Admissions Office
    Assumption College, San Lorenzo, Makati

    Why a Women's College?

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    Top Five Reasons to Choose a Women’s College

    By Dottie L. King
    President, Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, Chicago

    Oct 01, 2013

    Is a women’s college relevant to the educational, social and leadership needs of today’s woman? The answer is yes!

    As president of the oldest Catholic women’s college in the nation, I am constantly witnessing the difference that single-gender education is making in the lives of women on my campus and at the 46 other women’s colleges throughout the United States.

    And, in my ten years of teaching women’s programs, I have found that not only is a women’s college relevant; it is a game-changer for the students who choose it over other co-educational institutions — changing their lives and giving them a voice. So, I encourage students looking for colleges to give serious consideration to women’s colleges. The benefits to single-gender education are huge, and should be considered for the following five reasons:

    1. Women find their voice.1
    Studies show that women are better learners when they are in a single-gender environment.1 A woman is twice as likely to ask questions, speak up and participate more when she is in a class of other female students, which means she learns more because the long-standing barriers for women are lifted. This is especially true in fields where women are under-represented such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

    2. Women get involved.
    Students are more likely to get involved both academically and socially through activities such as student government and other leadership activities at a women’s college than they are at a co-educational institution.1 Women’s colleges are also strong supporters of diversity issues, and most women find a campus environment that is inclusive and encouraging of diversity.

    3. Women’s colleges prove value over time.1
    Women at women’s colleges are more likely to graduate in four years, more likely to pursue an advanced degree and aspire higher in their career decisions than their counterparts at co-educational institutions. Over time, these women often earn more than women at co-ed institutions. Women’s colleges overall have higher academic achievement standards and more personal attention, allowing students to thrive as well as participate in higher level thinking activities. In general, women’s college graduates are confident, articulate a high achiever in the workforce and well prepared for a career change or advancement.

    4. Women are fierce friends.
    Students at women’s colleges build strong, life-long relationships during their undergraduate years.1 A women’s college can seem like a big sorority — with women leading women through rich social activities and honored traditions that stand the test of time, as alumnae remain closely connected to their alma maters. These relationships provide much more than social value... they provide a network of relationships that facilitate personal and career support and strengthen their desire to help their communities for a lifetime.

    5. Where there are women, there will be men.
    Most people believe that choosing a single-gender college will mean that they will never have the chance to see, talk to or interact with students from co-educational experiences, especially men. Not true. Many women’s colleges hosts a number of events that are co-ed. Just because it is a women’s college doesn’t mean that men aren’t on campus... believe me, they are on campus — often!

    Women’s College Coalition - Hardwick Day Comparative Alumnae Study March 9, 2012.

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