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“To give Light we must feed on the Light”
St. Marie Eugenie

Marie Eugenie is the human source of our educational mission. For our work to have integrity, we must draw our energy from our source, Marie Eugenie and her co-foundress Therese Emmanuel. Marie Eugenie speaks of “a philosophy and a passion” that are the Core Values of Assumption’s transformative education. These values are made visible in the pedagogy of our schools and in the behavior of the Sisters, faculty, staff, and students. In order to understand Marie Eugenie’s perspective of transformative education we need to grasp the distinctions she makes between passion and philosophy; principles and pedagogy; and her instructions on developing intelligence and character:
● “Passion inspires,” it is a driving force while “philosophy guides,” refers to the structure or parameters and direction for decisions. “Passion means the capacity to love, it is the unifying element of all our energies.”
● Principles are universal and timeless, while pedagogy is adapted to place, history and individuals.
● “Intelligence means the ability to reflect, to judge, to discern. It is the ability to understand how human beings think and how thought leads them to make decisions and to act.” In the philosophy of Assumption education, intellectual skills are tools not goals for the priority for the development of character. Marie Eugenie makes it clear that characters are formed by truth in the broadest sense and by wisdom in the deepest sense. “I do not give much value to all this teaching about pure knowledge. Rather, I esteem what elevates the understanding.”

From The General Chapter of the Religious of the Assumption 2006
“Our Educational philosophy, fruit of a loving, contemplative gaze on the world, makes us attentive to the Paschal dynamic of our times. This spiritual experience impels us to work for the transformation and humanization of situations and persons, to direct our efforts towards greater justice and solidarity.”
“The project of God was made manifest by the Incarnation. Our great love for Christ and the Kingdom is the passion that inspires us.”
RA General Chapter, 2006
In summary…
● Education in the Assumption recognizes God at the heart of the world today.
● It facilitates an ongoing formation process of humanization, liberation, interiorization, and communion.
● It impels each person in the school community, to joyfully commit to God, to country and to others.
● It is a learning process that unfolds in an atmosphere of trust, appreciation, and service, through a genuine relationship of complementarity, friendship and equality.
● Education is an on-going process of growth toward a TRANSFORMED SOCIETY where no one is oppressed by another, where the Gospel values permeate all systems and structures. The foundation stone of the community is Jesus Christ from whom it receives its vision and power.