Assumption College
Assumption College San Lorenzo

Scholarship and Financial Aid

The Assumption College Scholarship Program provides opportunities to academically deserving and financially incapable students who want to pursue their college education in the institution.
The program aims to assist underprivileged and academically deserving young women with their educational goals. The program guides to a life of witnessing to the faith exemplified by a deepened spirituality and social responsibility. It also aims to enrich the students’ diverse culture.
A. Types of Scholarship Grants and Respective Criteria

1. Academic Scholarship

This grant is given to graduating high school students who fall within the Academic Top 10 of their respective high school batches.

2. Financial Aid (FA) Scholarships

Financial Aid (FA) scholarship is open to financially struggling but academically deserving students whose gross family income does not exceed PhP 350,000/year. This scholarship is open to incoming first year students and students already enrolled in AC. The grant given to an FA scholarship applicant is based on the evaluation and assessment of her financial capability and requirements submitted. Documentary attachments shall be deliberated by the Scholarship Program Committee within the processing period.
The Financial Aid Scholarship has the following types of grant:

    a. 100% Tuition Fee (TF) + 100% Miscellaneous Fee (MF)
    b. 100% Tuition Fee only
    c. 75% Tuition Fee only
    d. 50% Tuition Fee

3. Athletic Scholarship

Athletic scholarship is open to incoming first year students and undergraduate athletes who receive a favorable endorsement from the team coach and Athletics Head.

Application Process (Applicable for Incoming Freshmen)
1. Primarily take the AC entrance exam and pass the Admission Office Interview.
2. Must apply for try-out session at Athletics Department-HED.
3. Then, should be endorsed by the A.C coach at Scholarship Program Office for grant application.