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Student Services

In order to ensure the total development of Assumption students, the College provides and implements student personnel services which promote growth of persons-in-community, develop leaders, and foster an environment of mutual trust and respect, concern and freedom in the campus.


The Guidance Program aims to serve the needs of individual students in terms of holistic growth and development. It is designated to assist the student in adapting to life challenges, decision making and developing a sense of service so that in turn, she may contribute to the growth and development of others in the community in which she lives.

The program is preventive, developmental and humanistic in nature. Year level programs are based on developmental personal, social, educational and career needs to cultivate a well functioning individual. The Assumption student is helped in the following areas: adjustment to college life; gaining deeper self-knowledge and understanding; identifying and enhancing personal and social skills; confidence in decision making; educational and career planning; and implementing transformative career goals. Programs are stem from student needs.

The guidance services are:

    • Counseling. Counseling is aimed at helping the student discover and develop her abilities, interests, as well as potential in the area of personal and academic management. Social adjustment and personal problems are attended to. At the same time, counseling aims to help the student become aware of her strengths as she fully develops them and improve on weaknesses to be empowered to the best person she can be.

    • Assessment. According to each year level’s thrust valid and reliable psychological tests are administered by the psychometrician and results are interpreted by the counselors/mentors for the student to gain a realistic appraisal of her strengths, weaknesses, abilities, interest, and personality. Special assessment may be requested for career, emotional and developmental needs.

    • Information. Educational career as well as personal-social information materials are made available for the student to gain a realistic view of herself and of the world, and to help her discover her options that allows for independent decisions. This may be accessed in the guidance office and their official social network accounts. Incoming college students and their parents alike are provided pertinent facts and guidelines upon their entry in college.

    • Consultation. The year-level counselors/mentors, aside from counseling students, are also available for consultation by administration, faculty and parents in order to maximize student progress.

    • Placement. Hand in hand with the Career Management and Alumnae Relations (CMAR) Office, the Counselors/Mentors help the student in implementing realistic career goals, either for employment or for further studies.

    • Research. Student Profile based on results of group data and psychological test results are done yearly and presented to faculty. It serves as empirical program planning for improvement of teaching methodologies, curriculum planning, and program planning. Descriptive researches may be conducted like correlation studies and surveys to enhance services given to students.

    • Peer Facilitators. Paraprofessional training are given to Peer Facilitators of Assumption (PFA) members to enable them to be service oriented as they support and the activities and programs of the guidance center. This is an opportunity to belong to a circle of friends who provide personal and group enrichment.

    • International Students of Assumption (ISA). They are students of international descent or have lived abroad. The program assists in the development of students with foreign background through communication and interaction to promote international peace and harmony. The mission of ISA is to build unity and to enrich each member’s culture for the common good.

Student Activity Center

Complementing the Academic Program are different programs for students coordinated by the Office of Student Affairs. These cover both extracurricular activities through the Assumption Student Council and Student Organizations as well as co-curricular activities which are coordinated with Department Chairpersons. Activities are geared towards the total development of students and to their education in community living and leadership. Each student organization at Assumption College has its own unique quality. Aside from complementing the Academic Program, what binds all organizations together and gives them the mark of Assumption education is the thrust towards SERVICE AND SOCIAL TRANSFORMATION. Integrated in their programs are opportunities for the students to give of themselves by sharing time, talents and resources as well as learning from the less privileged sector of society .

The Dean of Student Affairs, through the Student Activities Coordinator (SAC), has overall supervision of all activities. Since co-curricular activities are intended to complement the educational program, students are encouraged to participate in the educational, cultural, and social, religious, and other activities programmed by the College; however, such activities may not be conducted during class hours. Exceptions may be made for noteworthy activities, only with the expressed permission of the Department Dean through the Dean of Student Affairs, if endorsed by the Department Chairperson or unit head.

For their integral formation, students are required to join at least one (1) major student organization and initiate worthwhile activities. Extra-curricular activities, however, are intended to supplement studies, not to interfere with them; hence, the College reserves the right to limit, exclude or suspend participation in activities if it has been determined that a student needs to devote more time to her studies.

All co-curricular and extra-curricular activities within or outside the campus should have the prior approval of the school. All extra-curricular activities must have a project proposal to be submitted to the SAC at least two weeks before the scheduled activity. The SAC may approve and endorse proposals to the DSA.

Student Council

The Assumption Student Council (ASC) is the official student government of the Assumption College. It is an autonomous body, and the unified and democratic representative of the student body. The ASC is composed of the Assumption Executive Council (the President, Internal Vice-President, External Vice218 assumption college President, Organizational Vice-President), committee heads (Legal Committee Head, Finance Committee Head, Information Committee Head), Year Level Representatives, and the year block representatives.

Student Organizations & Associations

The STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS are learning extensions, venues for practical application of theories learned in the classroom. They are not only co-curricular in nature but are oriented towards service to the school and the bigger society. Through their various activities, they are meant to bring to the awareness of the students and the whole College community the socio-economic-political and cultural realities in the Philippines as well as in the world; and to challenge especially the students to involve themselves in a meaningful way. The specific contribution of student organizations, therefore, is the integration of the school’s social orientation in their mission, in order to enable the students not only to sharpen their skills in their particular fields, but also to use their academic knowledge primarily for service to the community.


Assumption College Educators’ Society (ACES)
ACES is a course-oriented organization, that aims to inspire and develop future educators through the various educational exposures and enriching activities that helps strengthen the passion of the students in their chosen field of study.

Psychological Society of the Assumption (PSA)
PSA aims to be the key that will further open the minds of its members towards awareness and understanding of human behaviour. It is a course-related organization that aims to give opportunities to Psychology students to enhance their knowledge and practice their acquired skills in psychology.

AC Radio
DWRA is the official Radio Station of the college, which aims to train Communication students in the field of professional broadcasting while inculcating and keeping high ethical and moral standards.

Studio is the official media organization of the college. It aims to expose and train its members in various media functions. The group also serves as the official organization that takes coverage and documents various college activities.

Young Communication Professionals of Assumption (YCPA)
YCPA is a course related organization that strives to develop the skills of Communication students and expose them in different communication-related professional settings.


Circulo is the official theatre arts organization of the college and is geared towards the promotion and pursuit of artistic excellence through the production and performance of meaningful theatrical productions.

Voices is the official singing group of the Assumption College. Members of the group are exposed in various genres of songs, and perform both in and out of the college for various occasions and concerts.

The Assumption Dance Company (TADC)
TADC is the official dance organization of Assumption College. It aims to expose and train its members in various dance styles and genres and to showcase their learning in various dance opportunities both in and outside the college.


Assumption Integrated Marketing and Management Society (AIMMS)
AIMMS is the official co-curricular organization of Marketing and Management students of the college. It targets to expose the students early on into the nature of professional marketing and management, with the aim of enhancing their capabilities in the field for both local and international atmospheres.

International Business Society of the Assumption (IBSA)
IBES is the official co-curricular organization of International Business students of the college. It functions primarily to encourage the interest of the students in business ventures, and to promote awareness and development on business environments both locally and globally.

Entrepreneurial Society of Assumption (ESA)
ESA is the official co-curricular organization of Entrepreneurship students of the college. It targets to expose the students early on in the nature of putting up a business, with the aim of enhancing their leadership capabilities in managing a business globally.


Assumption College Athletic Organization (ACAO)
ACAO is the official organization of the athletes of the college. It is composed of the various students involved in different sports activities of the school.

Scholars and Grantees of the Assumption (SAGA)
SAGA is the official association of the academic, financial and athletic scholars of the college. It aims not only to guide the students in maintaining their scholarships but also to give opportunities for them to give back to the community and promote social awareness.


AC Times
AC Times is the official organization that produces the formal semestral newspaper of the college - also named AC Times. Students under a moderator features campus news, views of the Assumption College students, current events, and other news from outside the school.

Regina is the publication of the graduating class which features the graduates of the current school year. This is produced by students under the supervision of a moderator.


International Students of the Assumption (ISA)
ISA is composed of all non-Filipino students of the Assumption College. It aims to bring them together as they celebrate their own respective cultures, and help them to adjust to the new culture and environment as they stay in the Philippines.

Assumption Immediate Responders (AIR)
AIR consists of students who aim to support the Center for Social Concern in responding for different calamities and nationwide disaster. They are also the volunteer arm of the college.

Assumptionists For Christ (AFC)
AFC helps in campus liturgical celebrations and is in charge of Marie Eugenie Month highlighted with the Music & ME Song Writing Contest.

Athletic Varsity Team

The Higher Education Division offers the field of Athletic Varsity Team which opens doors to students who exhibit their unique excellence through sports. The College division has a total of seven (7) varsity teams namely Badminton, Basketball, Futsal, Pep Squad, Swimming, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, and Volleyball. The Sports Development Department aims to provide an room of talent and skill-enhancement to students who wish to discover, and develop their talent through sports while maintaining a promising academic standing. As part of the institution’s support for student formation through varsity, the institution participates in various sports organizations such as WNCAA and WCSA which practices the spirit of unity and camaraderie together with other institutions who promote excellence of women student-athletes through sports.

Center for Social Involvement

The Center for Social Involvement (CSI) was established in 1975 as a center for Assumption students seeking a more meaningful and relevant education. THE CENTER for SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT aims to: Conceptualize, propose, and implement programs for the development of the social awareness, commitment and action of the school community.

Faith & Spirituality Formation Center

The FSF Center envisions a community of unique persons empowered by and
delighting in a spiritual adventure with God.


    -To accompany one in discovering her/his giftedness
    -To support the grace experience in finding the connection/link with God
    -To awaken the truth within that one is loved, so that one’s heart sings

Each student of the Assumption College is encouraged to avail of opportunities for a more enriching and liberating spiritual life. Retreats, recollections, masses, and exposition of the Blessed Sacrament are all part of the College’s FSF Program. Students may also receive the Sacraments, take part in the daily prayers of the Religious Community, and have private consultations with the members of the FSF Team (FSF Animator, Staff and the Theology Professors).

Support Service Unit


A. Library Hours:
1. Library Hours are from:

    7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
    7:00 5:00 p.m. - Wednesday
    8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – Saturday (with noon break)

2. During summer and semester breaks, the schedule is from Monday to Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (with noon break).

B. Library Users:

    1. All bona fide College students
    2. Members of the administration, the faculty and employees of the College department
    3. Alumnae (with AAA Alumnae card), Religious of the Assumption (R.A.) sisters and members of sister institutions.
    4. Students of other colleges with a formal letter of request from their own school’s librarian.

C. Audio Visual Services

    7:00 a.m. - 5:00p.m. (Monday to Friday)
    6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. (By appointment and with approval from HED HR/Admin Director)
    8:00 a.m. -5:00 pm (Saturday; with noon break)


a. Medical Services for Students

    1. Attend to all day-to-day medical consultations of College students, providing FIRST AID treatment for relief of symptoms and assessing those who would require further referral. Only the first dose of the medicine is given at the clinic. Continuing medical care and prescriptions should come from the student’s private or family physician.
    2. Issue referral slips to students requiring further evaluation and management.

    3. Communicate with parents or guardians of students who need to be taken to the nearest hospital for emergency cases and facilitate proper transport of such patients.

    4. In case of absence due to illness, only those students who consulted and were examined at the school clinic will be given a Medical Certificate. Students not seen at the clinic at the time of illness should obtain their Medical Certificate from their private physician and have it noted at the school clinic.

    5. Perform annual medical check-up for incoming 1st year students, graduating 4th year students, transferees and those for re-entry.

    6. Students with special medical and health concerns (e.g Diabetes Mellitus, Seizure Disorders, etc) should notify the clinic regarding their condition and provide for clinical abstracts and medical clearance from their attending physicians.

    7. Provide health education through medical service, lectures, health bulletins, etc.

b. Dental Services for Students:

    1. Pre-enrollment dental check-up for freshmen students is set for the First Semester of the school year. A student with dental findings will receive a referral slip to seek dental treatment from their family dentist. The slip should be returned with the signature of the attending dentist. Extension is granted for those who failed to have a dental check-up, schedule of which, will be announced. Students without dental checkup even after the extension date must seek check-up from their family dentist.
    2. Attend to dental consultations of students and issue referral slips addressed to the family dentist.
    3. Provide first-aid treatment to students (e.g reinsertion of orthodontic wire or elastics, treatment of mouth sores).

    c. Student Accident Insurance Protection

      The School has accident insurance coverage for students who sustain injuries due to accidents. The coverage is on a 24-hour basis for the duration of the school year.

    The School will facilitate the processing of claims by coordinating and following up with the insurance agency only in the following conditions:

      • it applies to accidental injuries occurring in the School wherein the patient is taken to the nearest emergency room facility (Makati Medical Center) for management;

      • it applies to accidental injuries wherein first aid is initially instituted at the school clinic but necessitate further referrals to other facilities or consultants for evaluation and management;

      • it applies to accidental injuries which happen outside the school during a school sanctioned activity;

      • an insurance claim form is given, wherein the school certifies that the patient is currently enrolled at Assumption College, San Lorenzo;

      • the parent/guardian initially settles all hospital and physician’s bills; and

      • the parent/guardian then files a claim form and submits other requirements (e.g. official receipts, medical certificates) for reimbursement. The maximum reimbursable amount is based on the existing contract with the insurance company.

    The School is not responsible for processing of claims for accidental injuries sustained outside the school premises during an activity which is not sanctioned by the school.

    Food Service

    Meals and snacks are available for sale in the Commons (canteen) and food booths located at strategic places. They are open to accommodate the students during their recess and lunch breaks during school days.


    The Milleret Bookstore is open on weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The School community may purchase books, uniforms, and school/office supplies during these store hours.

    Treasurer's Office

    Contact Details:
    817.0757 loc. 1057 or 817.4856/817.7893
    Payment can be made thru Cash, checks & credit card. We accept all major credit cards except Amexco & Diners Card.


    The Assumption College dormitory is a housing facility for students. A student’s admission into the College Dormitory means that she observes the policies and rules. The Dormitory Administrative Team reserves the right to institute sanctions, or separation from the dormitory. Students assume the responsibility of abiding by the guidelines set in the Dormitory Handbook.